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Get cheeky with our new line of Toilet Tweets! With funny quotes and catchy sayings, these seat cover decals are a polite and humorous way of lending helpful reminders! Toilet Tweets is our fun new product line with a catchy twist---slogans! Unlike Toilet Tattoos®, these have a low-tack adhesive and are meant to be placed on the underside of your seat, but if you prefer, you could Toilet Tweet on the underside of the lid too. They are removable, and reusable and they definitely wipe clean! Each fun design comes with a catchy phrase the man in your house can read each time he gets down to business. And with 12, one-size-fits-all designs, you'll have plenty of unique ways to be sweet and "say it on a seat™! 

A friendly reminder for the males in your household to put the lid down!

*Toilet Tattoos is a registered Trademark of Lena Fiore', Inc. Patent No. 8,898,941