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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Toilet Tattoos® ?

We are the original toilet seat cover. Don't be fooled by cheap toilet seat decal imitations. We are proudly made in the USAToilet Tattoos® are a hygienic, reusable, removable, decorative appliqué for the toilet lid. They are hygienic, because they are made from a plastic film, and can be easily wiped clean. They are reusable because they cling to a smooth toilet lid by the use of electrostatic energy and no adhesives, so if stored properly they can be used again and again, year after year. Because there are no adhesives they are removable without damage to the toilet lid. They are the 21st century toilet seat cover. Each Toilet Tattoo® design is available in both the elongated (12" x 15") and round shape (12" x 13.5") and designed to fit most standard toilet seats. Patent no. 8,898,941

Are Toilet Tattoos® easy to apply to my toilet lid?

As easy as ... 1. Peel, 2. Place, 3. Smooth. Clean toilet lid, peel Toilet Tattoo from backer card, and smooth onto lid using a soft cloth to flatten out any air bubbles. The amount of lid showing around the Toilet Tattoo will vary depending on the size of your toilet lid. If any adhering problems occur, remove Toilet Tattoo® and spray the clean toilet lid with water or run the entire Toilet Tattoo® under water, reapply while still wet and smooth onto lid, again using a soft, dry cloth. This method is preferable for some plastic lids. It is important to clean your toilet lid first before applying a Toilet Tattoo®.

Will Toilet Tattoos® harm my toilet lid?

No. No adhesives, no harm. Not a toilet seat sticker!

How do I clean the toilet lid when using the Toilet Tattoos®?

You may leave your Toilet Tattoo® on your toilet lid and wipe clean with a soft cloth, using non-abrasive and non-harsh chemicals. Cleaning wipes work great. Our vinyl decal material is hygienic. You may choose to remove the entire Toilet Tattoo® and re-apply.

How do I store my Toilet Tattoos®?

We recommend you try to store your Toilet Tattoo® on the original backer card, to keep the downside free from dust and particles. You should store it flat and not rolled, and definitely not folded. If you should get it very dusty on the downside, run it under warm water to clean and it is ready to apply.

Can I use Toilet Tattoos® on a vinyl cushioned toilet lid or decorative brown wooden toilet seats?

Sorry, we do not recommend it because of the flexibility and cushion on the vinyl lid and the varied polyurethane finish, as well as the wood grain texture on the brown wooden toilet seats.

How can I tell if I have a round or elongated toilet seat?

The round is more standard and most households have round. However, the elongated is becoming increasingly more popular. Typically the length of the elongated is greater than 2 1/2" inches than the width size of the toilet seat. You may want to measure your toilet to determine whether your bowl is round or elongated.

*Measure from center front of bowl to center of the hinge post holes. In the U.S., the standard distance between hinge post holes is 5 1/2". The typical elongated bowl is approximately 18 1/2" long and the typical round bowl is approximately 16 1/2" long.

elongated toilet

round/standard toilet

How are Toilet Tattoos® packaged?

They are packaged on a flat thin backer card stock (see packaging).

What is your Return Policy?

Toilet Tattoos® can be returned within 30 days of receipt as long as the Toilet Tattoo® is not removed from the backer card, and in the condition received. We will refund the cost of the Toilet Tattoo®. Shipping expense is not refunded.

How long will it take to get my order?

We ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order except for custom designs and monograms which ship in 2-3 weeks. All United States addresses are shipped via your choice of U.S. First Class Mail or U.S. Priority Mail and Canadian addresses are shipped via U.S. Mail which can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

How much does each Toilet Tattoo® cost?

They cost $9.95 each and the Toilet Training Toilet Tattoos® with stickers are $14.95 each.

How much does shipping cost?

From 1-3 Toilet Tattoos® you have the choice of First Class U.S. Mail for $4.55 or U.S. Priority Mail for approximately $7.95.

For 4 or more Toilet Tattoos® the items must be shipped by Priority only.
Delivery rates will vary based on location in the U.S.

For shipments to Canada via U.S. First Class Mail, please contact us via telephone 330.659.0020 or email salestt@windstream.net for exact pricing.

For Custom or Monogram special orders via U.S. Priority Mail: Shipping cost available only within the USA. From 1-3 Toilet Tattoos® to the same delivery address cost $7.95.

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*Toilet Tattoos is a registered Trademark of Lena Fiore', Inc. Patent No. 8,898,941