Lena Fiore', Inc.

About Toilet Tattoos

How It All Began...

Toilet Tattoos® got its start when owner Celeste Massullo had an idea. Tired of seeing her unsightly toilet, she pondered on a way to enhance it. She thought why not create seamless, interchangeable covers to match any decorating style? So she did just that and started her company, Toilet Tattoos®.

Our History

Operating since 1987, Lena Fiore', Inc. is currently located in Macedonia, Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cleveland. Owner and fashion designer, Celeste Massullo, launched her business in the fashion industry, designing fashion jewelry and specialty outerwear. Celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Fran Drescher, Natalie Cole, and Brooke Shields wore her feather coat designs and in 1991 Entrepreneur Magazine named Celeste Massullo entrepreneur of the year in the State of Ohio.

Inspired by her love of the city and the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 1998, Celeste ventured into the confectionary business when she created a candy called "Cleveland Rocks". The candy looks like rocks and comes in two varieties Hard Rock and Soft Rock (www.clevelandrockscandy.com).

In 2003, Toilet Tattoos® was born from Celeste Massullo's desire to accessorize her own plain white commode. Realizing that the existing options to enhance a toilet lid where either outdated, not hygienic, time consuming to clean or costly, she saw an opportunity to meet a need. After 2 years of research and development, Lena Fiore', Inc. is now entering the home décor business with the introduction of her patent pending Toilet Tattoos®. They are the only way to crown your throne.

 American Made

*Toilet Tattoos is a registered Trademark of Lena Fiore', Inc.