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Toilet Tweets

Toilet Tweets® is our fun new product line with a catchy twist---slogans! Unlike Toilet Tattoos®, these have a low-tack adhesive and are meant to be placed on the underside of your seat, but if you prefer, you could Toilet Tweet® on the underside of the lid too. They are removable, and reusable and they definitely wipe clean! Each fun design comes with a catchy phrase the man in your house can read each time he gets down to business. And with 12, one-size-fits-all designs, you'll have plenty of unique ways to be sweet and "say it on a seat™!

return toiliet to original position

do it for mom

naughty or nice

A friendly reminder for the males in your household

to put the lid down!

*Toilet Tattoos is a registered Trademark of Lena Fiore', Inc. Patent No. 8,898,941